Can you help us with other marketing items such as package design or our website?

No. Many people confuse market research with marketing and advertising. What we offer is market research, which provides verifiable data about your product, customer base and market (current or potential). Marketing and advertising, undertake tasks such as branding, messaging, package design and website development.

Some marketing firms may sell themselves as market researchers, using pseudo-surveys or focus groups, but legitimate research involves more than that. It pays to check credentials. Buying market research from advertisers, marketing organizations or accounting firms is like buying food from a dollar store—dubious quality and origin unknown.

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“Katherine understands what the marketing challenges are in growing a small business and what’s important. She will not simply take on a project; she interviews the firm’s management, does some basic research and then advises on the direction the firm should take with its market research. Often this is not the direction they were thinking, and this guidance is of critical value.” – Bob Golding, Industrial Technology Advisor at National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program