How much will a research project cost?expand_bu.jpg

We understand the value of a dollar, and so do our clients. That’s why we tell you up front what the costs of meeting your organizational needs will be and what return you’ll get on that investment. Three basic elements affect the cost of research: What is the number of questions or problems to which you need answers? How is the information you need best retrieved? How can the information be best communicated to you and other members of your organization? Once we know what you need, we’ll provide you with a research plan that will outline step-by- step the process, rationale, methodology, timelines and budget. We will not sell you what you do not need—guaranteed. If you ask us to do a primary research market assessment in an area where sufficient reliable and accurate data already exist, we’ll point you in the right direction, no charge. On the other hand, if you present us with a budget or timeline that’s incompatible with your needs, we’ll tell you that too.

How much time will a project take?expand_bu.jpg

It can take days or months, or even years. It depends what you need. Does your project require both primary and secondary research? Is the sample large or small? Will you need ongoing tracking? How detailed is the sample, the questionnaire and the desired report?

Whatever the answers are, we will complete your project with speed and accuracy, burning the midnight oil when your deadlines demand it.

How much trouble will a research project be?expand_bu.jpg

We’re a one-stop research provider—we are capable of handling all stages of a research project, whatever the size.

We will need to know what you want in terms of results, but after that, putting a complete program together is all in a day’s work for us. We will keep you posted and ensure you are comfortable with our process.

How do we know the data will be accurate?expand_bu.jpg

We don’t produce any other kind of data. We have stringent quality controls in place and a team of top statistical and data gurus. The integrity of the data we provide is at the core of our reputation. We belong to the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, adhere to MRIA Rules of Conduct and Good Practice, and are registered to the global ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard (a Manitoba market research first). Understanding research methods, using the correct sampling and data collection methodologies and running data analysis that is in-depth and accurate over the past fifteen years has kept us at the top of our game.

Can you help us with other marketing items such as package design or our website?expand_bu.jpg

No. Many people confuse market research with marketing and advertising. What we offer is market research, which provides verifiable data about your product, customer base and market (current or potential). Marketing and advertising, undertake tasks such as branding, messaging, package design and website development.

Some marketing firms may sell themselves as market researchers, using pseudo-surveys or focus groups, but legitimate research involves more than that. It pays to check credentials. Buying market research from advertisers, marketing organizations or accounting firms is like buying food from a dollar store—dubious quality and origin unknown.

“Katherine is an exceptional leader who delivers superior customer service and actionable findings each and every time.” – Clayton B. Cracklen, General Sales Manager, AAA Alarms