Who We Are

The kisquared team can be characterized as long tenured and talented. Most of our team members have been with the company for years—working on a contract basis while pursuing other interests and employment.

We pride ourselves on fostering a learning culture where knowledge transfer is both spontaneous and structured, where being smart and working smart go hand in hand. Our combined team experience boasts:

  • 41 years of research design
  • 39 years of instrument design
  • 39 years of project management
  • 75 years of research interviewing
  • 21 years of data analysis

Team Members

  • Katherine Devine – President and Project Manager
  • Margaret McKenty – Editor
  • Richard Lennon – Senior Data Analyst
  • Joey Ritchie – Operations Manager
  • Emily Roscoe – Research Associate
  • Jason Dela Cruz – IT Specialist
  • Kaeleigh Schroeder – Data Analyst
  • Katelyn Roberts – Data Analyst / Research Associate
  • Taylor Watkins – Research Associate

“Kisquared has succeeded to develop the leading market research firm in Manitoba, providing Canadians from Yukon to Nova Scotia with professional research services with a Manitoba touch. American companies have also benefited from this highlevel quality service made in Canada.” – Michel Allard, Instructor, Community Economic Development, Red River College