Who We Are

The kisquared team can be characterized as long tenured and talented. Most of our team members have been with the company for years—working on a contract basis while pursuing other interests and employment.

We pride ourselves on fostering a learning culture where knowledge transfer is both spontaneous and structured, where being smart and working smart go hand in hand. Our combined team experience boasts:

  • 41 years of research design
  • 39 years of instrument design
  • 39 years of project management
  • 75 years of research interviewing
  • 21 years of data analysis

Team Members

  • Katherine Devine – President and Project Manager
  • Margaret McKenty – Editor
  • Richard Lennon – Senior Data Analyst
  • Joey Ritchie – Operations Manager
  • Emily Roscoe – Research Associate
  • Jason Dela Cruz – IT Specialist
  • Kaeleigh Schroeder – Data Analyst
  • Katelyn Roberts – Data Analyst / Research Associate
  • Taylor Watkins – Research Associate

“Doing business with Katherine and kisquared is easy because she “gets it”. Her grasp of methodology and strong business acumen take the worry off any client’s plate. She is always able to approach a problem using other lenses and different perspectives, where other providers might take a more myopic view.” – Kevin Sitka, Chief Operating Officer, Steinbach Credit Union